A Team

Welcome to Longship Armoury. For over 25 years, Longship Armoury’s precursor Odinblades has served collectors and practitioners across the globe, earning a reputation of high quality, beautiful aesthetics, and amazing performance. In 2011, John Lundemo and James Fang partnered together to create Longship Armoury with the goal of revolutionizing the industry.

We are committed to preserving the ancient arts that for thousands of years have built nations and inspired people. When you purchase from Longship Armoury, you are guaranteed to receive a handmade, limited edition sword backed by exceptional customer service and highly competitive pricing. Each and every sword is first and foremost made to be a weapon that our ancestors would be proud to wield into battle. Whether it is one of our semi-production blades or unique customs, you can be certain that each sword is an heirloom piece worthy of passing on to posterity.

Welcome to the future. Now’s the time to board the Longship!