Sword Machinist

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Angus Trim is a machinist by trade. He has spent much of his career manufacturing parts for the aircraft industry in Washington, but an abiding interest in swords led him to begin making blades in A.D. 2000.

Gus Trim uses modern CNC techniques and a thorough knowledge of mechanics to fabricate swords that perform like the historical originals but are still affordable to today’s consumer. For his blades, Gus uses AISI 5160 steel treated to a spring temper. Guards and pommels are fashioned from mild steel. American walnut provides the grips.

Each sword features his unique cylindrical nut (countersunk into the top of the pommel) and threaded tang-end construction. While not historically accurate, this method is very secure and allows the sword to be easily disassembled for maintenance. The pommels are keyed to the non-threaded portion of the tang to prevent rotation.

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