Traditional Bladesmith

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Collin Miller is an artist and Bladesmith, specializing in mythic and historical European weapons with exquisite pattern welding, balance, ornamentation, and proportion. Everything he creates is forged and finished with pride in his home state of Missouri.

Every blade he makes is crafted to the best of his ability, whether it's a simple working knife, fighting knife, historical recreation, or elaborate art piece, they are all heirloom quality artifacts. Guaranteed to last not only your life, but to stand the test of time and be handed down for generation after generation to be used and admired by those to come, as part of your legacy.

In a world of cheap, mass produced products, made only for profit with no thought to lasting, handmade quality, it is Collin's journey to create weapons, tools, and art. Not only for profit, or temporary use; but to craft things that will benefit those who come long after he is gone. When you purchase something Collin has forged, you are investing in the future, because the sweetness of quality is remembered long after the bitterness of cost is forgotten.

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