Behold the Deep Space Commander, a new design family by John Lundemo of Longship Armoury. Currently a Mainz-style gladius and a longer spatha are available.

The swords come in two steel choices:

1) 80CrV2, a high-carbon, chromium-vanadium steel
2) CPM-3V, a specialty PM steel that can be coated with black Diamond-Like Carbon as an option


CPM-3V Gladius
OAL: 28.625″
Blade Length: 22.75″
Blade Width: 2.875″
Weight: 2 lbs
Steel: CPM-3V
Coating (optional): Titankote C12 Black DLC

80CrV2 Gladius
OAL: 25.5″
Blade Length: 20″
POB: 3.5″ from guard
Width at Shoulders: 2.875″
Weight: 1 lb 13 oz
Steel: 80CrV2

OAL: 36″
Blade Length: 30″
POB: 6″ from guard
Width at Shoulders: 2.625″
Weight: 2lbs
Steel: 80CrV2

Made by John Lundemo

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