Stormbringer Euro-katana

The warrior traveled the world, crafting his weapon from the fields on which he fought. From the West, he kept the hilt of his homeland to better guard in the bind and strike with the pommel. From the East, he adopted the long saber blade to suit his preferences for the slash. And to unite the worlds, he adopted the dragon as his symbol, piercing through the storm clouds etched onto the habaki.

The Stormbringer is made in the signature style of John Lundemo, melding West with East. The dragon is his original artwork, as is the abstract acid etching on the habaki. The sword is a unique custom piece.


Blade Length: 32.75″
Overall Length: 42.75″
Weight: 3 lbs 3 oz.
Steel: 80CrV2
Grip: Thin leather wrap over wood core
Scabbard: Wood core with thin leather wrap

Made by John Lundemo

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