The Watatsumi takes its name from the legendary Japanese sea dragon deity. The sword’s vivid Damascus pattern hearkens to the tempestuous waves of the sea and the scales of the dragon. An etched dragon, original artwork by John Lundemo) on the tsuba (guard) and authentic stingray wrap on the grip continue the theme. The blade itself is inspired by the kissaki-moroha-zukuri style, which has a sharpened false edge to form a spear-like front third of the blade. This allows for more effective thrusting, as well as surprise strikes with the back edge, fitting for the nature of a sea dragon. Construction has been converted to a European-style tang peened to the pommel. This is a one-off custom sword.


Blade Length: 28.25″
Overall Length: 37″
Weight: 2 lbs 13.8 oz
Steel: Pattern-welded Damascus
Grip: Stingray wrap over wood core
Scabbard: Dye wood sealed with nitrocellulose lacquer

Made by John Lundemo

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