Legend has it that Joan of Arc’s holy sword was found buried behind the alter of the church of Saint Catherine de Fierbois. It was old and rusted, with 5 crosses upon the blade. The sword was refurbished and sent to her. In keeping with the legend, we chose a blade style predating Joan’s lifetime, but not so early that it would be too anachronistic to carry into combat. An elegant down-curved guard and sculpted fishtail pommel were paired with the blade, both in mild steel as the the Maid of Orléans was known to reject the overly adorned. Five crosses are acid etched in the fuller on each side of the blade. The resulting piece is a sword that we feel represents the spirit and mystique of Joan of Arc.

Blade Length: 30.75″
Blade Style: Oakeshott Type XIV Arming Sword
Overall Length: 37.625″
Blade Steel:: 5160H
Handle Materials: Poplar core with cord and leather wrap

Made by John Lundemo

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